May 2013
If You Love a Great Idea, Give it Away

If You Love a Great IdeaComing up with great topics for your company blog and social media profiles day after day isn’t easy. So, we can understand why you would want to post the best ones as quickly as you can.

Believe it or not, however, you might be able to create a bigger marketing impact by sending them to someone else’s website.

Usually referred to as “guest posting,” sharing your blog articles with another website seems like a good way to give someone else all the credit and search engine optimization benefits. But, if their site is well-known enough, you could achieve three things by giving them some of your content:

1. Build more credibility for your own website and company. When you are published on a prestigious site, customers and colleagues take notice.

2. Find new followers, readers, and customers. If people like your post enough, they may start to look for more of your content in the future.

3. Gain valuable back links to your own site. Search engine optimization is changing, but back links from reputable sites can still help you be more visible.

Sometimes, giving a few of your best ideas away really is the perfect strategy if you want to stand out. For more great marketing tips, check back to our blog often, or contact the Marcy Design team today to set up a free consultation.

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