Oct 2021
How to Vaccinate Your Small Business Website Against the Covid-19 Economy #4

#4 Target Buyers with Search, Social, and PPC

As a Columbus Ohio website design company, Marcy Design knows that we’re in a difficult period of time. From what we’ve seen, the instinct of some business owners has been to decrease ad spending during the pandemic. That makes sense in a lot of situations, particularly if a company is selling something that isn’t currently in great demand.

However, there are a couple of reasons to think twice before pulling back on your online marketing activities. The first is that many businesses are actually doing better than expected. Why stop promoting your products and services if your bottom line is healthy? You might actually be able to improve the returns you get from search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and social media right now simply because so many of your competitors have given up.

The second reason to keep your online marketing machine moving has to do with focus. As we’ve already pointed out, there might be big opportunities to sell something different than what you’ve offered in the past. For example, think of all of the alcohol distillers who shifted to making hand sanitizer overnight. If you have something that your market needs or wants, this could be the perfect time to come up with some fresh ads, blog articles, or social posts to get the word out. Marcy Design is located in Columbus, Ohio and we’re ready to provide your business website design services.

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