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Nov 2021
How to Stop Being Invisible on Twitter

Stop Being InvisibleStop Being Invisible

It’s hard to gain any real traction on Twitter if you don’t have any followers. That’s because, no matter how witty, informative, or insightful your tweets are, there just isn’t going to be anyone reading them… much less passing them along. With that in mind, here are five quick tips to help you stop being invisible on Twitter:

Be funny. Everyone likes a good joke, and working a little humor in with your marketing messages is a great way to gather followers quickly.
Choose a better handle. If you choose a Twitter ID that makes you sound like someone nobody wants to hang out with, then you can’t be that surprised when they don’t.

Reach out. In the beginning, it’s mostly going to be up to you to make friends and hope that some of them decide to follow you back. Make a point of adding a couple new contacts a day.

Think keywords. Although Twitter isn’t a search engine, you can still optimize your tweets and profile to gather attention the same way you would on Google or Yahoo. Make sure you mention your most important keywords at least once.

Get out of “marketing only” mode. Unless you are already a very well-known personality, and probably not even then, don’t get stuck in the trap of constantly shouting about your work or products. Have a little fun and act like a human — pretty soon, you’ll have more followers and better conversations.

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