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Feb 2023
How to Never Waste Another Dollar on Advertising

How to Never Waste Another Dollar on AdvertisingAnother Dollar on Advertising

One thing veteran advertisers all understand is that, no matter how creative you are and how hard you plan, some campaigns are going to work out and some aren’t. And yet, the best never waste a dollar on Advertising. How can that be?

The answer lies not just in the execution of their ads, but also in the approach they take with their advertising budget. Rather than simply looking for responses in sales, the best go farther and use tools like split testing, customer surveys. And repeat promotions to keep a close eye on the results they get. In that way, they don’t just get the main benefit of advertising – new sales – but also a lot of information that they couldn’t have gotten otherwise.

In other words, even though they realize that not every advertising effort is going to be successful on a strictly dollars-and-cents basis. Careful customer observation record-keeping mean that they never make the same mistake twice. In this business and every other, the most expensive (and valuable) commodities are knowledge and wisdom. By approaching your advertising campaigns with the right mindset, you can make sure that you always come away with a little bit more of both. Again, the best never waste a dollar on Advertising

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