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Apr 2022
How Social Media Sites are Making Life Easier for the Best B2B Vendors

Social Media SitesSocial Media Sites

Regular readers of this blog will already know that we are enormous fans of social media sites marketing. Not only are the numbers incredibly exciting – with more than 500 million users on Facebook alone. There are bound to be thousands of new opportunities for every company. But it’s possibly the first form of promotion that allows for nearly instantaneous word-of-mouth advertising.

And so, even though it’s something we think every professional should be trying. There are some groups who can stand to do really well from social media.

One of them is professionals who sell products and services in the business-to-business market. Partly because they can’t typically rely on slick television and magazine ads. And partly because the sales processes tend to be longer, more complicated, and with bigger dollar amounts. These industries are ideally-suited for social networking. That’s because, instead of telling prospective buyers how great your company and products are. Sites like Facebook and LinkedIn let existing customers do it for you.

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The best B2B vendors have always relied on strong relationships. But with Facebook fan page isn’t LinkedIn feedback, they can allow that process to go “viral” in a way that’s never been possible in the past. In other words, they can leverage comments from satisfied customers and use them to grow their client list quickly.

If you work in the business-to-business setting, run – don’t walk – to start using social media as part of your marketing plan. It shouldn’t take long to gather some recommendations from happy customers. And once you do the rest of your sales and marketing process is going to get a lot easier.

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