Feb 2013
How Often Should You Change Your Ads?

How Often Should You Change Your AdsGiven that some businesses change their ads from month-to-month, and others use the same advertisements with little or no variation for years on end, it makes sense to ask: how often do you really need to switch up your marketing messages?

Here are a few quick questions to help you find the answer:

1. Are your products and specials seasonal? Naturally, if your business changes throughout the year, that makes sense to have different ads. But, you might have different spots or visuals that you can pull out time and time again.

2. How often do the core ideas in your business change? This is more complicated; sometimes, products change but the underlying benefits (or reason for buying from your company instead of a competitor) don’t. The trick is to figure out how much you should edit without losing the credibility and positioning on your behalf.

3. Do you have a winning formula that has worked well for a long time? In direct mail and some other advertising mediums, it is often possible to come across a piece that has “pulled” new customers for years, or even decades. As the saying goes, you don’t have to fix what isn’t broken.

4. Are you willing to test something new against a control piece? On the other hand, even the best ad strategies can use a bit of turnover – or at least a bit of testing – now and again.

For most businesses, the best time to change an ad is when you’re selling something different or you think you can get a better response. Why not talk to a member of our team today see how we can help you put a stronger advertising strategy together.

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