Mar 2013
How Consistent is Your Advertising from One Campaign to the Next?

How Consistent is Your Advertising from One Campaign to the NextThe great thing about the modern world of advertising – both off-line and digitally –is that there are more options than ever for reaching customers. You can find customers on websites, through search engines, and print publications, or elsewhere. But, while each of these represents different advertising mediums, they shouldn’t necessarily mean a different approach to your ad or message.

To put things in simple terms, you don’t always have to start over from square one. To be sure, your pay-per-click adds probably differ from your print offers in important ways. But, at the heart of each one should be a set of ideas, your main sales point and the called for action, that are repeated again and again.

There are two good reasons for this. First, make sure marketing is more consistent (and therefore more effective from one campaign to another). At the same time, they let you make the most out of your message, which should be tested on an ongoing basis, to make sure that you are putting out the ideas that are most likely to have an impact on your sales efforts.

Your ads will probably never be the same from one campaign to the next or even from one month to the next, but once you find a winning combination of ideas, they should have a common sales theme running through them.

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