Apr 2013
How Aggressive Can You be With Ads and Offers on Your Own Website?

How Aggressive Can You be With Ads and Offers on Your OwnIn the past, we have shared some insight on the ways you can increase the return on investment from your business website by placing ads and offers on your own pages. That might seem a bit strange, but a few small advertisements (usually graphical) can help you increase conversions and give you an interesting design element to work with.

But, how aggressive should you be with those ads? How many of them can you have on your pages, and how often do you use them?

The short answer is “it depends,” and the deciding factor is usually the quality of the free or readily available content on your site. To see why this is, just consider the large ads you see on major news sites like CNN or ESPN. They can get away with lots of banners, animations, etc., because people want to read the articles they provide.

The same applies to your web pages. The more people want to read them, the less bothered they will be about advertising, and the more likely they are to notice (and follow through with) the ads you do have.

Like so many things on the web, advertising on your own site really comes down to producing unique, high-quality articles, images, and videos for your customers to find.

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