Nov 2012
Have QR Codes Gone Out of Style?

A little over a year ago, you couldn’t visit any Internet marketing forum without reading half a dozen new articles or studies focused around QR codes. Recently, however, they haven’t been nearly as prevalent in the news, despite the fact that smart phone sales are still picking up at an incredible pace.

So, have QR codes gone out of style?

In our opinion, they absolutely haven’t. In fact, the reason you aren’t reading more about QR codes isn’t that they’ve fallen out of favor, but that they’ve become so popular so quickly that they are now considered a mainstream marketing technique. Like direct mail, they’ve just become a tool of the trade.

So, if you aren’t taking advantage of QR code marketing yet, here are three great places to try them:

1. In your store. Why have QR codes in your store when buyers are already there? Because they might want to view a resource that is constantly changing, or quickly pass it on to a friend or colleague.

2. In print pieces and advertisements. These are the most popular place for QR codes, and also one of the best. Driving customers from print ads to mobile landing pages can increase sales in any number of ways.

3. On product packaging. Why not turn your packaging into one of your best advertisements, especially when QR codes are so fast and easy for customers to use?

QR codes still give you a fun, convenient, and affordable way to reach out to buyers. Are you taking advantage?

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