Dec 2013
E-commerce and Marketing, Part 2

Ecommerce and Marketing Part 2In a recent post, we pointed out that customer trust and e-commerce success go hand-in-hand – if buyers don’t feel like you are trustworthy, they’ll never spend their money with your online store.

And, while taking the initial steps we talked about with online security and transparency are good steps towards building trust, there is also another element that is ignored far too often: your reputation as a business.

In other words, being trustworthy certainly is important. But, what you do during and after a sale matters just as much. That’s especially true these days, when a single negative review can be indexed by Google, or be easily found on social media sites, within hours after it’s been posted.

Today’s savvy shoppers aren’t simply going to add items to their cart and pay for them without looking around to see what your reputation is like. So, it’s important that you build the right kinds of impressions and reviews as your company grows; otherwise what you do on your site won’t ever matter because it will be overshadowed by what people are saying about your online store elsewhere.

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