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Apr 2022
Don’t Wait to Buy Foreign Domains

Foreign DomainsForeign Domains

Ever wish that your grandparents would have had the foresight to snatch up some real estate in Manhattan. Or that you could have found a way to buy shares of Microsoft when you were in grade school? Look to foreign domains.

Hindsight being what it is, most of us have experienced that sensation at one time or another. After all, if we had only known then, we’d be fantastically rich and successful today. And while we can’t tell you what tomorrow’s stock prices will look like. We can pass on a piece of advice that you might be glad you took later: don’t wait to buy your company’s foreign domain names.

Lots of business owners have never considered branching out into different countries and continents… but why? With the small amount of time and effort it takes to duplicate your website. Or have it translated, what are the risks in spreading your marketing message overseas?

Even if the tax or legal considerations make you feel less than excited about selling your goods in pounds, rupees, or Euros. It still makes sense to reserve a small piece of virtual real estate, just in case the future holds something different for you. Buying these domains typically costs very little, but could end up being important years down the road.

Deciding to reserve your company’s domain name overseas might not be the same as following a hot stock tip. But it’s still something small you can do today that has the potential to pay big dividends in the future. The world is getting smaller all the time, especially when it comes to finding customers overseas.

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