May 2013
Don't Ignore a Valuable Part of Your Company Blog

Ignore a Valuable Part of Your Company BlogIf you asked most companies why they have a business blog, the standard answers would probably be that they want to “attract people from Google and the other search engines,” or “spread the word on products and specials.”

Those aren’t bad, as marketing motivations go, but your blog should be more than a virtual pin board to put up coupons and specials – it can also be a forum for discussing industry topics and testing the waters for new ideas.

When you treat your blog that way, as a discussion more than as a series of announcements, you’ll notice something interesting will start to happen: people will respond with comments, ideas, and suggestions.

When that happens, don’t ignore this feedback, as so many companies do. Believe it or not, over time it can become the most valuable part of your blog. That’s because you can get a few important things from your comments section:

  • Ideas for future blog posts
  • Feedback on your thoughts and ideas
  • Introductions to other colleagues within your industry
  • Suggestion for future promotions and marketing plans

In other words, you can get valuable input directly from some of your best customers. That can turn out to be even more valuable than the benefits you originally hoped for when you launched your company blog!

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