May 2013
Does an Old Website Need to be Replaced?

Does an Old Website Need to be ReplacedIt’s almost taken as a commandment in our industry that a business website that hasn’t been overhauled in three or four years is probably in need of a whole new design. But, is that necessarily the case? If your website is still functioning the way you need it to, should you invest in a new one?

Here are four quick questions to help you find the answer:

1. What kinds of results are you getting from your current site? Are you getting measurable sales, or sales opportunities from your current site? If not, it’s time to upgrade.

2. What would you gain in new functionality compared to the cost? Think about the bottom-line business benefits you would expect from a new site, and if the collective dollar value would be worth the investment.

3. What impression is your current site making on buyers? Sometimes, the biggest and most important benefit is more credibility and stronger branding, so don’t discount the value of these.

4. How many of these issues could be fixed with an update, instead of a redesign? Often, a “new” business website is simply a better (or updated) version of your existing site, which means you can save a bit of time and money on the upgrade.

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