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May 2022
Do You Need to try Social Media Marketing Through Pinterest?

try Social Media MarketingTry Social Media Marketing

Even if you aren’t a user of the site, you have probably already heard some of the buzz surrounding Pinterest. One of the newer social media sites that’s gaining a lot of attention, and users, in 2012. While some seem to think it’s the “next big thing,” others think it’s just “something else.” Try social media marketing.

With that in mind, does your company need to try social media marketing through Pinterest?

The quick answer is “probably not”… or at least, not yet. Although Pinterest is registering a lot of new users. It’s still well behind Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus in terms of popularity. Beyond that, it seems to be gaining a lot of steam with certain niche markets. And those that are more based around shared images than business and marketing.

It’s possible, however, that the situation will change over time. Pinterest has already updated its platform and privacy policy a couple of times. And there may be more for marketers to check out in the next few months. The best advice, as always, is to simply keep an eye on what your customers are talking about and follow their lead when it comes to new social media sites. Pinterest might not be big enough to need much of your attention now, but who is to say it won’t in the future?

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