Apr 2013
Do You Need Integrated Branding?

Do You Need Integrated BrandingIn this day and age, where it isn’t uncommon for even smaller businesses to have several advertising and promotional campaigns going at once (like social media, Internet advertising, print marketing, mobile messaging, etc.), a new idea is springing up and gaining popularity: integrated branding.

Basically, it’s the concept that each communication or channel should have some common elements, so that customers can identify you from one campaign to the next, and that the overall strength of the campaign outweighs that of the individual pieces or elements.

So, does your business need an integrated branding approach to marketing?

The short answer is that you probably do, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be as complicated as it sounds. That’s because, at its heart, integrated branding is all about thinking things through. That is, the more you make a conscious effort to produce campaigns that follow a logical path and tie into your company’s identity and strengths, the more “integrated branding” is bound to happen naturally.

Integrated branding is worth pursuing, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a goal or project all on its own. A better approach is to keep testing marketing ideas one at a time, but with common messages, themes, fonts, and color schemes between them.

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