Mar 2013
Do You Need Award-Winning Ads?

Do You Need AwardYou can often get a sense of how much an ad agency is going to cost you by looking at the number of awards they have listed on their website. But do all of those honors really translate into more sales? And more to the point, do you really need award-winning ads?

Here at Marcy, we aren’t so sure. There’s nothing wrong with being clever, but only if it helps you make your point and move people to action. In fact, when you’re looking over ads that seem incredibly funny or interesting, remember three things:

1. Every ad or campaign should be tested. That is, no matter how entertaining something is, you should always be looking to see if it works, and if you can find something that works better.

2. You should never prioritize entertainment over sales. Huge organizations can sometimes afford to run expensive-but-ineffective ads for “brand awareness.” Most real-world companies can’t.

3. Profitability is the real award. Agencies like ours have  helped dozens of businesses to establish profitable marketing campaigns. That might not be as much fun as going to black-tie dinners, but it does do a lot more for our clients.

Want to work with a web design team and Internet marketing agency that understands the bottom line? Call Marcy Design, a Columbus Ohio website design company to help with your webmarketing and advertising campaigns.


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