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Jul 2022
Direct Mail Success, Part Three

Direct Mail SuccessDirect Mail Success

So far in this series of posts, we have established that direct mail success can be both profitable and reliable. And that it’s important to always be searching for a higher response rate if you’re going to get the most from your investment.

There is one more thing that every business owner or marketer. Regardless of whether they have already started with direct mail or not – should keep in mind, however. Putting together a successful mailing is as much about who isn’t on your list as it is finding potential customers.

In other words, you don’t want to be paying to send mail to men and women who are a bad fit for your product or service. In that way, direct mail is very much like pay-per-click advertising. Anyone that you are marketing to who has zero chance of buying represents waste in your bottom line. That’s money that could be spent reaching better potential customer. Or improving your direct mail package so that it earns a higher rate of return from your existing list.

When thinking about direct mail success, make every effort you can to cut waste from your list. And your budget. Over time, you want your target market to be getting smaller and more focused. Not larger and more expensive.

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