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Dec 2022
Coordinating Your Marketing Activities: 3 Questions to Improve ROI

Marketing ActivitiesMarketing Activities

Marketing activities, especially for smaller businesses and nonprofit organizations, used to be a relatively simple thing. All you had to do was focus on ways to reach new customers, and then find a few cost-efficient ways to get in touch with them.

In today’s world, however, things seem to be getting more complicated all the time. Old tools like direct mail and telemarketing are being challenged by newer tools like social media campaigns and search engine optimization. Plus, budgets are getting tighter all the time, even though competition is increasing.

With that in mind, it’s critical that your marketing activities all work together, so you can achieve the biggest possible effect with the smallest input of time and money. Here are three questions to help you make sure that all of your marketing efforts are in line, and that you’re getting the highest possible return on investment for your budget:

  • Are all of your marketing activities targeting the same types of customers, and leading them towards the same type of sale?
  • Is it easy for a customer to go from one part of your marketing plan to another? Do you have phone numbers on your website, social addresses on your product packaging, etc.?
  • Does every part of your online marketing plan justify what you’re spending on it?

These are only introductory questions, and there may be times when it makes sense to run different campaigns from different types of meetings. If you find that the different parts of your marketing plan don’t work well together, though, it might be time to talk to a member of our team about making you more efficient.

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