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Aug 2021
Catching the Headlines

Catching the HeadlinesCatching the Headlines

For a college kid any additional reading outside of the workload seems like a daunting task. When the choice between reading the newspaper, and taking a nap comes up, most tend to choose the latter. So when big news hits the stands most people flee to the Internet instead, particularly social media sites. You can almost guarantee that someone in your virtual social circle will be vocal about the news. This is very helpful especially for those who are not avid newsreaders.

It is interesting because even though I know people will post things going on in the news on their Facebook’s as soon as they hear, a lot of it still comes as a shock. I probably would not have heard about Michel Jackson’s passing until days after if my friends on Facebook did not post R.I.P. statuses every five minutes the entire day the news broke. You just don’t expect to see death updates after your friend posted what they had for breakfast.

Only after seeing such posts did I make the effort to go read about the news myself and even then I went to news websites instead of the newsstands, knowing that would give me a quicker update.

Through Facebook statuses I am able to get the headlines, and if interested can look them up myself. I can also see how others are reacting to the news thanks to the comment button just under the status. Reactions are probably the most entertaining when reading about the news. Some have good opinions, and others just want to cause trouble, which is amusing and annoying at the same time.

Facebook has turned into more than just a social scene. Mixing some educational and informative information within a popular scene helps social butterflies stay up-to-date with daily news while keeping up with friend activities.

Article by Kelly Krivicich

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