Apr 2013
Can You Move Your Print Advertising Campaigns Online?

Can You Move Your Print Advertising Campaigns OnlineFrom time to time, we work with businesses that have had great success with print advertising in the past and want to see if they can duplicate those results over the Internet. One question they often have is: “can we simply move our print campaigns online?”

There isn’t an easy answer to that question. But, here are a few things to consider:

1. You can usually recycle a winning headline. Unless you’re looking for a different kind of customer than you were in the past, a headline that works in print will probably work in pixels, too.

2. In general, Internet ads have to be shorter. People don’t spend as much time on individual webpages as they do the pages of our print publication. So, your ads have to get to the point faster.

3. Visuals might need to be changed for size, as well. Pictures and other graphical elements may need tweaking if you are used to large print ads (like full-page offers or advertorials).

4. Going online could put you next to more competitors than you’re used to. That’s actually not a bad thing, but it does force you to create more compelling ads.

To get more help taking your print campaigns online, call or e-mail a member of our team to see what we can do for you.

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