May 2013
Can You Be More Profitable by Discouraging Buyers?

Can You Be More Profitable by Discouraging BuyersGiven that Internet marketing is usually about finding more customers, and not less, it might seem crazy to suggest that you can make your business website more profitable by turning some buyers away.

But, it could actually turn out to be a great idea to discourage some customers from buying from you.

That’s because, as we all know, there are some people or companies who just aren’t a great fit for what you have to offer. By encouraging them not to buy, you can actually enjoy four important benefits:

1. You save time. Too many businesses waste time on phone calls, emails, and other communications from customers who won’t ever buy from them.

2. You decrease returns. When someone buys from you and then returns your product, or asks for a refund on your service, it costs you money.

3. You earn better online reviews. By taking future unhappy buyers out of the equation, you earn better reviews and a stronger online reputation.

4. You build more credibility with other customers. When customers see that you’re willing to turn the wrong kind of buyers away, they can be more confident that you are honest in your marketing claims.

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