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Feb 2019
Building Your Company’s Credibility in Your Blog

Building Company Credibility

Building Company Credibility

Putting up a blog on the company website is one marketing strategy that you can adopt for your company. You will be extending the usefulness of your website to your targeted visitors as well as give them a reason to come and visit your website again.

You should always bear in mind that your visitors will continue visiting your website if they find information there that are useful to them. Inasmuch as the purpose of your website is to help you sell your product. People will only buy from you if they believe in you. A blog can help you establish that belief and credibility that you need.

How a Blog Builds Credibility

How does a blog generate the belief and credibility that your company needs? Through a blog, you can build up your company’s image as an expert in its chosen industry. It is a time-tested marketing ploy for companies to name-drop experts or have experts endorse their products. Expert endorsement validates the product and lends the credibility of the expert upon the product.

For example, when Oprah Winfrey gives her blessing to a particular product, it usually sells. That is because Oprah has built credibility with her audience over the years. Her audience believes that Oprah knows what she is talking about. So they might be inclined to buy whatever product she promotes.

That is what you should do with your blog. Through your blog, you should establish your company as an entity that knows the ins and outs of its business and can provide solutions to problems. Build up your company’s image as an expert through your blog and your products will sell.

The Words of an Expert

Since you have to project your company as an expert in its field. You should word your blog posts carefully. Your blog posts should be factual, insightful and easy to understand. If you have to state an opinion strongly on your blog post. Back your opinion up with facts.

Conveying passionate belief in something is good when it comes to writing blog posts. But there is a line that separates the passionate expression of an opinion or an idea from the senseless ravings of a lunatic. This line is the proper usage of facts.

Find Support for Your Ideas

As much as you are trying to establish your company as an expert in its chosen field, you would be wrong to assume that you know everything or that every idea you have is original to you. Precious few is new or original on the Internet and whatever you may say is likely to have been said before.

Besides, there is strength in numbers, as people generally say. If you back up your idea with the word of another expert or two and provide a link to the blog or article of these experts that discuss the same idea, you are likely to generate more belief and raise your credibility. You would get your readers into thinking that if two or three other people have claimed so-and-so to be true, then it must really be true.

If set up carefully, a blog can be a powerful tool to promote your company’s products. As long as you have presented your company as an entity to believe in, you are more likely to convince your blog’s readers to buy from you.

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