Apr 2013
Beating Your Biggest Email Marketing Enemy

Assuming you have a list of opted-in contacts that’s large enough to give your e-mail marketing campaign some traction, do you know what the biggest threat to your success is? Believe it or not, isn’t in your competitors, your e-mail marketing software, or even a customer’s SPAM filter.

No, the one thing that you have to overcome most often is the recipient’s “delete” button.

We live in a time where most people are busier than they would like to be, and don’t have time for even a fraction of the messages and newsletters they receive. That means, unless you really grab their attention from the first moment, they are very likely to simply put your message in the trash without ever reading it.

So, how you overcome the “delete” button? Here are three quick tips:

1. Write awesome, attention-grabbing subject lines like you’d see in your favorite magazine.
2. Make your messages short so that readers know they’ll only take a minute or two to scan.
3. Ensure that the first paragraph has a “hook” so recipients will keep reading it they see it in their e-mail preview pane.

By following these three steps, you can go a long way toward overcoming the biggest e-mail marketing problems and boosting response rates from your newsletter.

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