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Apr 2022
Are You Promoting Your Small Business Events as Effectively as You Could Be?

Promoting Your Small Business EventsPromoting Your Small Business Events

A lot of us can still remember how strange it was to receive those first electronic or e-mail invitations to a party or event. The whole thing seemed pretty novel, but even if you confirmed the appointment right there on your screen. You often had to turn around and scribble the date by hand into a calendar on your desk if you weren’t going to forget. Promoting Your Small Business Events.

These days, of course, the exact opposite is true. Appointments that are made off-line typically have to be entered into an iPhone or contact manager if they are going to be kept. Most of the world has simply realized that keeping our calendars in computerized form makes them quicker and more convenient.

So what does any of this have to do with your small business? More than you might think. Despite the fact that a lot of us keep our calendars online. We have a tendency to promote our own events with flyers, newspaper advertisements. And other traditional print venues. It’s understandable: why not stick with what has worked in the past?

Web Design is Important

The reason has to do with the way we are actually keeping those appointments. Savvy marketers can no longer promote their events in print – or at least not only in print. By inviting attendees through e-mail, Outlook confirmation links, Facebook fan pages. And other social media paths, we make it easy for them to see the event coming up and actually make an appearance.

To get the most out of your small business events, leverage the connections and tools you have in social media. It’s a lot less work than posting flyers, and you’ll probably get a much bigger response.

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