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Aug 2022
Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your About Pages?

Your About PagesYour About Pages

If you have been involved in any part of online marketing for a while. Then you probably already know what it’s like to obsess over every element in a landing page. Closely analyzing the pictures, headlines. And even punctuation to ensure that it’s going to have the maximum sales impact.

While that’s understandable, a lot of companies don’t pay enough attention to the other pages on their websites. One that we’ve noticed being neglected particularly often. And that visitors tend to spend a lot of time looking through – is the “about” page for your business or team members.

Believe it or not, the information you include on these sections can go a long way towards persuading prospects to become buyers. Here are a few tips for making the most of yours:

  • Let your company description tell a story. Rather than simply stating who you are, when you were founded, and what you sell.
  • Look to emphasize your competitive strengths. Your “about” pages probably shouldn’t read like sales literature. But they should leave the reader with the impression that you’re great at what you do.
  • Use photos and bios with a few personal details. Letting people see your team members, and including their love of pets or music, for example, makes you seem more friendly and personable. For most organizations, that can only help the sales and marketing effort.

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