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Feb 2023
An Advertising Tip Straight from Best Selling Authors

An Advertising Tip Straight from Best Selling AuthorsAdvertising Tip

If you regularly read best-selling novels, you’ll notice something interesting. They hardly ever come one at a time. In other words, successful authors. And in some cases, even teams of authors – look very hard for a series when they find an idea or advertising tip that readers respond to.

Why not do the same to your advertising campaigns? By weaving common threads into your ads (whether they’re in print, television, online, or radio) you make them more memorable and build on brand recognition.

Here are three quick things you can use to tie your advertisements together into a series:

1. The same characters. Just like in novels or television, your customers will start to notice characters if they appear again and again in your advertisements.

2. Running jokes and gags. Of course, for this to be effective your jokes have to be funny, but once viewers or listeners start to recognize the setups and punch lines, they may actually begin to look forward to your advertisements.

3. The consistent use of music, production, or locations. Although these effects are more subtle, they help to build an image of your business (along with your products or services) in a customer’s mind.

What these all bring you, when they are pulled together, is a sense of familiarity from one advertisement to the next. And the more familiar your ads are, the more memorable they become.

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