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Nov 2018
A Professional Blog Can Connect with Your Customers

Professional Blog Connections

Let’s talk about Anne Frank, one of the most celebrated women in history. Her life was brought to open not because of the time she was in. Anne was a victim in the Holocaust but because of a gift given to her on her thirteenth birthday. A journal.

Such is the power of writing, and such is the effectiveness of a diary. However, since we already have technology that we can take advantage of. We have something very special and even more powerful. We have a blog.

Professional Blog Connections today are no longer used by those who want to talk about the food they ate at lunch. Newborn babies, plans for tomorrow, gossips, and celebrities. They are also being utilized by business owners who want to connect to their customers.

Any Comments?

The comment section of the blog is perhaps abused, with plenty of links from suspicious websites. However, it should not be turned off because it’s a highly efficient tool in communicating with your customers. It’s how they get to air their voice, and it’s how you can let them know that you’re real and that you are someone who listens to them. If you’re receiving questions or even hints of doubts. You can use Comments as your way of making them feel assured.

It’s in the Words

Of course, you can never underestimate the effectiveness of blog posts. Let’s take the story of Green Cine. It’s just a small DVD rental company, but it’s earning huge profits every month because of its blog, which is generating thousands of hits every month. All they have to do is to write about the various film festivals all over the world and other entertainment-related news.

The good thing about blogging is that you don’t need to sound like an intellectual or a genius. In fact, it’s a death knell. Simply because readers don’t want to spend a lot of time understanding what you’re trying to say. Blogging permits you to be informal yet conversational, as if you’re just talking to a friend.

Introduce the Guest Blogger

Here’s another way on how you can interact with your customers: invite them to write an entry for your blog. They can develop testimonials for you, which are actually more effective than press releases or sales letters. They may also create news that are related to your business—anything that will keep the interest of your readers high. Besides, having a guest blogger means that you don’t have to generate stories on your own. You already have great partners with you.

A start-up company can surely rely on blogs as one of their most efficient marketing tools. They are for free, and yet, they are loaded with plenty of features that will help you create a very unique blog site. They are also very easy to maintain. To make the readers come back, all you need to do is to come up with interesting stories. Blogs are also favorites of search engines, which means ,they can improve your search engine ranking. Most of all, they provide you an avenue where you can talk and mingle with your customers.

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