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Jul 2021
A Great Way to Leverage Social Media From Your Storefront Window

Leverage Social MediaLeverage Social Media

For retailers and small business owners, the main goal of social media marketing is often to find new customers and move them from the web and into a store. But why couldn’t things go the other way around?

Your storefront is a valuable piece of real estate; it might catch the eye, at least for a moment or two, of thousands of people every single day. Savvy marketers can use that space to advertise coupons, specials, contests, and more – via their profiles and fan pages on sites like Facebook and Twitter. QR Codes can be displayed on your door or storefront window to attract new customers as well.

Why send them online, when you could just try to bring them into the front door? There are a lot of reasons, but one is that they may be too busy to shop at the moment, even though they could be more inclined to look it up later. Another reason is that a fan page, full of feedback and complements from dozens of adoring customers could create a much better impression than any retail store ever could.

The whole point of social media marketing is to draw deeper connections with buyers. It’s ironic, but that can sometimes be easier to do online than it is face-to-face. Take advantage of that and try using your storefront as a way to draw people to your social media sites once in a while –sending them online could be a great way to increase your sales off-line. For QR Codes, social media and website design give Marcy Design a call!

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