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Apr 2022
A Good Rule of Thumb for Facebook Marketing

Rule of Thumb for Facebook MarketingRule of Thumb for Facebook Marketing

Of all the tools you can use to find new customers online. Facebook is quickly becoming a favorite of a lot of business owners and marketers. Not only does it boast hundreds of millions of users. And offer a unique way to advertise to them. But most of us just enjoy using the site. How many chances do you really get in your day to combine a bit of fun with your Internet marketing plan? Rule of Thumb for Facebook Marketing.

As great as that is, though, it also presents a bit of a catch-22. When you’re having a good time, it can become easy to give yourself too much of a good thing. In other words. It’s easy to let your Facebook time eat significantly into your workday.

So what is the answer? The best way to manage your need for Internet marketing with the other demands on your time is simply to budget small pieces of your schedule for sites like Facebook. Promise yourself that you’ll spend 15 min. each morning on the site, and then stop after that. You might have to set a timer or alarm at first, but before long, you’ll develop a good habit.

After a few weeks or months, if you find that Facebook becomes a major source of new business. That you can increase your time commitment. Until then, follow our quick rule of thumb and budget out the time you spend on social networking.

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