Jun 2013
A Good Advertising Lesson From Politics

A Good Advertising Lesson From PoliticsGiven that we do business in a state that’s inundated with political ads every couple of years, we are probably more aware than most that the next campaign and election cycle is already heating up. But, whether you’re the type of person who tunes in to every debate or just tunes out all the political noise, there is one lesson you should definitely take from local advertisers: Keep an eye on your negatives.

In other words, every advertising message has two sides – the part that attracts new buyers to your company, and the part that repels others. To put it another way, some advertising techniques and messages turn parts of the market off, to the point that you’re actively turning some business away.

That’s not always a bad thing, especially if you know what your core market looks like and aren’t afraid of losing other buyers. But, if your “negatives” get to be too strong, or too prevalent, it could represent an ongoing sales and marketing challenge.

That means you should take it easy with over-saturated ads, aggressive offers, and even market saturation. If people hear too much, too often, some of them will grow to dislike your business… and that could come back to haunt you, no matter how good your future advertising campaigns are.

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