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Dec 2022
A Basic Marketing Question That Always Has to be Answered

Marketing QuestionMarketing Question

There aren’t many hard and fast rules to marketing, whether it’s online or off. But we have found over time that there’s a single marketing question that always has to be answered before you begin to make an effective plan: Why do your customers buy?

Your answers should range from the broad to the specific. By that, we mean that there may be different reasons that your customers buy from you versus your competitors. Or a set of two or three issues (like price or durability, for example) that are most important across your industry.

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By taking an in-depth look at the question of why your customers buy, however, you can tailor your marketing plan in a couple of interesting ways. For one thing, you can begin to emphasize the messages and benefits that most appealed to likely buyers. And for another, you can identify those segments of your market who aren’t likely to ever buy from you (again, because of your price, location, etc.). And avoid wasting time and/or money trying to reach.

As we are fond of pointing out time and time again, great marketing isn’t just about reaching likely buyers, but also doing it profitably and efficiently. The more you understand about why your customers buy, the easier the task becomes.

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