Jul 2020
7 Steps to a Working SEO Campaign: #3 Test Your Ideas With Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The majority of all online marketers prefer organic search engine optimization to paid search ads. That makes good business sense, given that pay-per-click advertising (PPC) means forking over money for every visit to your website, while organic SEO isn’t so transactional. Still, there can be big value in running ads, particularly towards the beginning of your search campaigns.

To understand why, you have to consider that organic search engine optimization takes time to become effective. In fact, the more traffic there is to be found, and the more competitive a search market is, the more time it’s going to take. Even as established industry professionals, it isn’t unusual for us to have to work for a few months or longer before we get a steady stream of traffic coming to a new or revamped client website.

PPC advertising lets us get around that issue a couple of ways. First, advertising can be set up on Google or the other search engines in a matter of hours. So, there isn’t so much waiting. And secondly, we can use ads to test different search terms and landing page combinations that we would like to use in organic search later. There isn’t any reason to invest months of money and effort into a project if we aren’t sure buyers are going to respond to our offers. PPC lets us dip a toe into the water and look into the future.

Even though a lot of business owners and executives are initially resistant to the idea of running paid ads because they’re afraid of the costs, we often discover they want to keep their search advertising campaigns going even after the tests are finished. That’s because when it’s working correctly PPC doesn’t just allow you to test concepts, but gives you a fast and efficient way to keep targeted buyers coming to the website month after month.

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