Jun 2015
5 Easy Ways to Increase Ecommerce Conversions


Creating a successful e-commerce website is all about conversions. It doesn’t matter how many people you can attract to your landing pages, what kind of products you upsell, or what your prices are like if you can’t turn visitors into buyers.

Getting people to finalize purchases can be more difficult than it seems. Competition online is intense, and even well-designed websites need every advantage they can get. With that in mind, here are five easy ways you can increase ease commerce conversions on your online store:

#1: Know Who Your Customers Are
Too many e-commerce sites have been constructed as if they were meant for everyone. Most profitable online stores, on the other hand, aren’t just tilted towards a specific product or industry, but an actual specific type of buyer. The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be for you to zero and on their needs and wants, and to push the “hot buttons” that convince them to make a purchase.

#2: Bring in Repeat Visitors
No matter how great your online store is, most buyers are going to be hesitant to purchase something from you the first time they visit. That’s why it’s important you have some kind of lead-capture device (like a newsletter, or coupon code) that brings them back later. In fact, you may find that the closing rates for your email newsletters are much, much higher than they are for initial visitors as you increase the size of your mailing list over time.

#3: Target Buyers (not Shoppers) With PPC Ads
Many first-time e-commerce entrepreneurs like to target broad, high-traffic keywords with their first advertising campaigns. That’s a big mistake. You don’t necessarily want search phrases that attract the most visitors – you want the ones that convert into finalized sales of the highest rates. Think about what someone who is serious about buying, instead of just looking for information, would search for, and then target your ads towards those terms.

#4: Offer Buying Guides
Remember that not everyone who wants to make a purchase from your e-commerce site is already familiar with what you have to sell. If there are differences between brands, product groups, and so on, why not highlight these in an easy-to-understand buying guide? These don’t only increase conversions, they give you unique content that is hard for other online stores to copy.

#5: Give Buyers Guarantees
Numerous studies have shown that money-back guarantees rarely ever increase returns, even though they do boost sales. That’s because most people will do the research needed to find the right product. But at the critical moment when they decide whether to buy or not, they like having the “safety net” of a satisfaction guarantee, even if they are unlikely to ever take advantage of it.

Ironically enough, one of the best ways to increase sales in your online store is to stop thinking like a marketer and start remembering the things you like and prefer as a customer. These five tips should help you get started in that direction… and make your e-commerce site more profitable as a result.

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