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Feb 2023
4 Quick Tips For Improving Your Google AdWords Quality Score

Your Google AdWordsYour Google AdWords

In an earlier post, we outlined the importance of your Google AdWords quality score. And the different ways it can affect the efficiency and profitability of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Today, we would like to share four quick tips for improving yours, regardless of what your quality scores look like right now:

1. Make everything in your AdWords campaign more focused. From the name of your campaign to the number of keywords in each ad group, try to make every element as focused as it can be. Google actually looks at the structure of your campaigns and keywords to determine whether or not you’re likely to give customers what they’re looking for.

2. Write ads that customers will respond to. That seems like obvious advice, but the higher your click-through percentage is for each ad, the higher your AdWords quality scores are going to be.

3. Align your landing page copywriting with the language in your ad. It isn’t just about your ads and ad groups; by having the same keywords show up on your landing pages, you’ll seem more relevant and earn a higher quality score.

4. Give it some time. Google takes history into account when determining quality scores – both yours, and for other advertisers using the same keywords. Keep improving over time, and your quality scores will improve.

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