Jun 2013
3 Ways to Turn Social Media Contacts Into Customers

3 Things Customers Never Tell You About Your WebsiteAs social media sites keep growing and adding more subscribers, marketers at every level are looking for new ways to turn contacts, fans, and followers into customers. Although there still aren’t any foolproof methods you can always count on, here are three dependable strategies you can probably use to turn your social media marketing efforts into bottom-line results:

1. Offer free informational pieces. People always love getting something they don’t have to pay for, and if it enhances your credibility and expertise at the same time, that makes for a win-win situation.

2. Offer discounts and new product announcements. Likewise, getting discounts on future orders – or simply being the first to know about an upcoming product, service, or promotion – gives people an incentive to stay on your list and look forward to your updates.

3. Look for referrals to other customers. If your best customers are on social media sites, then other potential customers just like them probably are, too. Offer a gift for every person they refer to you, and you might see new orders and accounts show up quickly.

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