May 2013
3 Ways to Build a More Recognizable Brand Online

3 Ways to Build a More Recognizable Brand OnlineMore and more businesses of all sizes are paying attention to branding over the Internet. That’s a good idea, because things like search engine optimization and social media will only get you so far if buyers don’t recognize that you have a unique place in the market.

But, how do you build a strong brand, beyond using the right logos, fonts, etc., in your communications? Here are three easy ways to make your business more recognizable online:

1. Stick with the same creative team (if it’s the right one). Naturally, it’s easier to stick to similar messaging when you have the same writers, designers, etc., helping you out from one campaign to the next.

2. Think about the impression you want to create with customers. All advertising and promotion is really about an emotional response, so think about the feeling or impression you want to leave customers with, and then tilt your ads and marketing messages in that direction.

3. Use the same themes and language repeatedly. This is an often-overlooked detail, but the more customers know about your offers or guarantees, the more likely they are to respond to them each time they hear them.

Of course, there is a lot more to effective branding than repetition and consistency, but having an identifiable voice and offer make a good start.

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