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Aug 2020
3 Things Every Auto Dealership Needs to Show Online

Every Auto Dealership Needs to Show OnlineEvery Auto Dealership Needs to Show Online

In many ways, the websites for independent auto dealerships tend to resemble one another quite a bit. After all, there’s only so much you can do when it comes showing car buyers what you’re all about. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you can do to get a leg up on the competition. Here are three things every auto dealership needs tp show online on their auto dealership website:

Quality photos.

This should go without saying, but it’s worth the extra little bit of time and effort to ensure that every automobile you show is portrayed in the best light possible. Sometimes, that means snapping photos of them more than once, taking shots from different angles. Or waiting for a little bit of good weather. It might be a little extra effort, but the better your photos look, the more likely a customer is to decide to come and take a closer look.

Testimonials from happy customers.

These are overlooked a lot, since they can tend to seem a bit redundant. Still, having a couple of nice quotes shows that you’d been in business a while and have customers. Who were happy with their purchases. Those reminders go a long way towards reassuring nervous buyers.

A professional staff.

Speaking of nervous buyers, don’t forget that a lot of the population is still fearful and intimidated by the idea of a pushy salesperson. Tried to include professionally shot photos of your friendly, helpful staff – sales and otherwise. To reduce the anxiety some people might feel about coming to your lot or showroom.

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