Jul 2015
3 Easy Ways to Spot a Great Web Design

2014 09 08 694 GSTAssuming that you aren’t a professional web designer yourself, how can you evaluate the samples you see from web design companies? In other words, what makes a great-looking website? To help you separate the best from the rest, here are three easy ways to spot a great web design:

#1: It Looks Professional
By this we mean it uses conventional colors, spacing, and layout schemes. It’s often very apparent when you see a website that doesn’t look professional, because you wonder how old it is and who built it.

#2: It Uses Lots of White Space
A website that has a cramped feeling is hard to read, use, and understand. One with plenty of white space is easier on the eyes, and makes scanning your content much faster.

#3: It Matches the Company’s Personality
Your business shouldn’t have a website that looks like every other website. From the colors and fonts to other design elements, it should look like it was designed specifically for your organization. Spotting great websites gets a lot easier when you know where to look, so pay attention to these three elements in your next design.


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