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Feb 2023
2 Advertising Lessons from the Super Bowl

2 Advertising Lessons from the Super BowlAdvertising Lessons

Although we are pretty sure most people don’t stop to think about it, the Super Bowl isn’t just the championship for football teams. It’s also a chance for some of the world’s most powerful advertisers to go head-to-head. In the ultimate prime-time competition. And there are advertising lessons.

With so much at stake, in terms of money, advertising awards, and creativity, we always see a little bit of the best and the worst. With that in mind, here are two advertising lessons you can learn from the Super Bowl:

1. It’s hard to predict the impact of any one ad or promotion. You can bet that the ads you are seeing have been run through several layers of executives and media directors, and then tested on focus groups. Even so, many don’t send the intended message, or create the sales impact that was hoped for. The lesson? Never put all your eggs into one basket, because even the best ideas from the greatest minds don’t always pan out.

2. Being bold can pay off, but only if you do it the right way. The most memorable Super Bowl ads are always offbeat, usually featuring humor, celebrities, or other attention-grabbing tactics. Sometimes, they are big hits, but other times, it’s a lot of time and effort for nothing. Still, there is something to be said for aiming high and looking for the best results, rather than putting together a mediocre ad and hoping customers will respond. And there are advertising lessons.

Even if your advertising is in a Super Bowl level, there are things you can learn from studying the best. Are your campaigns as sharp and creative as they could be?

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