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Feb 2018
17 Reams of Copy Paper Equals 1 Tree

17 Reams of Copy Paper Equals 1 Tree

The first thing to remember is that how do you market your company? Most businesses use brochures, sales sheets, reports and a wide variety of printed materials. The paper that these items are printed on comes from trees. Fortunately, trees are a renewable source and more paper is being recycled every year.

But how can you help the environment, conserve paper and stay in business all at the same time? The first step is to find out how much paper your company uses with its printed materials. A website called Conservatree has put together information with statistics related to printing and paper usage. Below is a brief summary you can use to calculate paper usage. 17 Reams of Copy Paper Equals 1 Tree.

– 1 ream of copy paper (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree
– Nearly 17 reams of copy paper uses 1 tree
– A 16-page brochure (5,000 copies) uses almost 5 trees

All in all the next step is to create a dynamic new website and warehouse all of your marketing materials online. Sales sheets could become PDF files that you can link from your website or send to clients via email. Reports can come alive through Flash animation. Annual reports can be customized for each viewer with a database application.

A point often overlooked is that you need to think about the new generation of prospects coming into the market. With cell phones, laptops, and wireless connection, they are online gurus. So moving your marketing online isn’t just saving the planet, it’s good for your business. Create a new website and save a tree or two.

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