Y ou’re not in Kansas anymore. In the 1950s, mass media such as newspapers, radio and television were the dominant form of marketing, with only large businesses being able to afford national or international exposure. If a company wanted to reach audiences outside their local area, they had to create commercials or newspaper ads.

Today, there are thousands of TV channels with segmented programming for every taste. Consumers now use mobile phones and tablets to communicate and make purchases. Your marketing message can now be broadcast to the people most likely to buy your product via hundreds of specialist publications, websites and channels available through cable, satellite, computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Your business has an exciting opportunity to reach a segmented audience. And a well-coordinated ad campaign to reinforce your brand identity, can drive direct response and make a notable difference in consumer awareness.

Because there are more advertising avenues than ever before, it’s important to select the right vehicle to deliver your message. Marcy Design has produced successful advertising campaigns for many businesses. Media outlets include: Print, radio, TV, outdoor and web. Here’s just a few of the ways we can help you:


Brand management
– Research
– Media planning
– Creative
– Production
– Copy writing
– Videography
– Photography
– Illustration
– Monitoring and analysis


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