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According to Wikipedia
Ashville is a village in Pickaway County, Ohio, United States. The population was 4,097 at the 2010 census. Ashville is located 22 miles south of Columbus and 11 miles north of Circleville.

In 1812 two distilleries were built near Ashville and were owned by William and Richard Staige (Stage). The land that is now Ashville was at that time primarily the property of Richard Staige. In 1837, he sold his distillery to Mahlon Ashbrook, who did a large business with his brother Absolom. By 1845, Mahlon also built a grist mill on Walnut Creek and owned a large store that was run by his sister Iva "Ivy" and her husband Daniel Kellerman. Kellerman was the first postmaster in Ashbrook (later Ashville). The same year, Mahlon helped laid out the town with the building of 25 new houses. The brothers then invested in scow canal packet boats to move produce and merchandise. In 1853, Mahlon was voted among others to sit on the Railroad Committee for the speedy construction for rails to cover Ross, Pickaway, and Franklin Counties.

The route of the railroad (like the canals before it) had a great effect on the success of the development of the area. Ashbrook manufactured barrels for the mill and distillery, and also had some outside trade in that line. Being the owner of various packets on the canal, he was said to do the largest business of anyone in the county.

An unusual traffic light on display at the Ashville Museum
The historic Ohio's Small Town Museum has operated on behalf of the community since 1975. It houses many artifacts and memorabilia, as well as America's oldest working traffic light, which directed traffic in downtown Ashville until 1982. The signal was designed by local resident Teddy Boor.

Ashville is featured in the Together Concepts video production "We Are... Teays Valley". The video depicts a surprising number of achievements and innovations, as well as connections to American and world history.

The Ashville-Teays Valley School District area is the subject of Amazing Ashville--The Most Colorful Community in America--a book that features colorful stories about current and former residents, famous visitors, and unusual events. It honors achievements in graphic arts, entertainment, patents, publishing, recording, sports, military, movies, advertising, politics, and more. It describes connections to national and world events and political movements. The book was recognized in 2020 by the Ohio Local History Alliance as an outstanding publication. Amazing Ashville receives a 2020 Outstanding Achievement Award from the Ohio Local History Alliance.


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