Jul 2008
SEO and Marketing

As a marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization is a great tool.Placement at or near the top in rankings increases the amount of traffic that will visit your site. It is important however not to rely too heavily on Search Engine Optimization, but rather have multiple sources for increasing traffic to your website.For example, the use of paid advertising and building a high quality website page can persuade consumers to visit your website as well.By creating a high quality website page you are also addressing technical issues that may keep your page from being crawled effectively.

Remember that the purpose is to attract traffic and persuade users that you have what they need despite the fact that you are competing against thousands of other websites.It is also important to use analytic programs in tandem with search engine optimization, so that you can measure the success and profitability of your page and make adjustments as necessary.You want to boost your conversion rate, which means turning a visitor into a customer.Visual imagery, well-written landing pages and other tools of the trade are effective towards this ultimate goal.

More search engine referrals do not guarantee more sales.While it’s true that SEO can generate a return on your financial investment, it is also true that this is non-paid organic search traffic and therefore you are not guaranteed future referrals.A business that relies too heavily upon SEO and doesn’t have other marketing tools can see results drop if search engines stop sending traffic to their site.They key to survival is to diversify your marketing strategy and not rely too heavily on any one tool. Observe and identify changes in trends and technological advances so you can adapt and revise your SEO plan and your business will thrive.

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