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S ome companies are named after people. Marcy Design is named after Mount Marcy, the tallest mountain in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. The founder of Marcy Design climbed Mt. Marcy over 25 years ago. It was at the top of the mountain that a new company was born.

Mount Marcy, at 5,344 ft, is the highest mountain in the Adirondack Mountain Range and the highest point in New York State. This ancient mountain has majestic views and is located in the heart of the Adirondack High Peaks Region.

It is named after former governor William L. Marcy, who authorized the environmental survey that explored the area. Mt. Marcy is sometimes called Tahawus — an Indian name that means “the cloud splitter,” however, the local Indians, who were few in numbers, had no name for the mountain. The first recorded ascent of Mount Marcy was in 1837 by a large party led by Ebenezer Emmons.

It takes dedication, preparation and hard work to climb a mountain. Not to mention a good trail map. We guarantee that we will bring knowledge, direction and passion to help your business succeed.


– Develop a passion for your business
– Make a commitment to succeed
– Know your audience
– Research competitors
– Develop and execute a plan
– Create and produce the best work
– Adapt to changing conditions
– Accomplish the goal
– Reflect and rethink



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