I f creativity is the fuel that runs the website then technology is the engine that makes it all work. Behind the scenes, technology takes care of your business. Marcy Design is an industry-leader in technology deployment for the Web. We have developed back office applications that include: Content management, client registration, e-mail marketing and online payment systems. Your website can also be more productive by integrating with your current database systems.

Business websites are changing the way business is conducted. Your website should provide current information, facilitate feedback, and allow users to sign up for events or purchase items through an on-line catalog. By utilizing database programming, your website can disseminate product information, generate leads, take orders, and build your customer database.

And the results are impressive. In the area of purchasing online for example, over 80% of businesses have improved customer relationships through a database-driven business website. And many companies new database initiatives in place.

Supercharge your web site efforts. You don’t have to leap tall buildings at a single bound, run faster than a locomotive or be bitten by a radioactive spider to build a database website. But you do have to call Marcy Design. By partnering with the powerful and creative team of Marcy Design professionals, your business will achieve superhuman website database development on time and cost effectively.


– Strategic planning
– Wireframing
– Database set up and management
– Maintenance and updating



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