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This list is not exhaustive; it merely outlines some of the main areas we operate in. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, need inspiration and ideas or you don’t know what you need then just ask, there’s no shame in that. Had enough of reading? Let’s talk instead.


Your brand is the thing your company hangs its hat on, the qualities for which you are known and the consistent visual and language cues that represent them. Marcy Design specializes in developing and embedding fresh brand identities for new or existing businesses.


Design is part of our name and creating truly great creative design is an integral part of everything we stand for. Excellent design fueled by fresh perspectives and ideas will elevate your business above the competition and create an indelible impression in the mind of your customer.


Rigorous production standards are essential for effective TV ads, but they are also key to business performance online. We understand that a static website isn’t reaching its full potential to sell your business, so we can produce top quality animations and videos to really bring your story to life.


Whether you’re looking for something as fundamental as integrating your CRM system with your website or you dream of a data driven site with stacks of dynamic content and interactive bells and whistles, we can lend you the technical programming skills to realize your ambitions.


Applications have many purposes and help both you and your customer. For instance a CMS is an easy way to take control of your site content, but there are also plenty of applications that add front end functionality for your customer – “the really cool stuff”.


Every website needs somewhere to “live” so it can be seen on the web. After we’ve built your shiny new site, we can also offer it an affordable, cozy home where it’ll be safe and well looked after and potential customers can access it reliably. From small websites to large enterprise solutions, Marcy Design can help with your hosting needs.


You’re proud of your website. (And why wouldn’t you be? Seriously, if you’re not, call us.) You want as many people as possible to see it. That’s where our SEO services come in, we make your website more easily discoverable by search engines like Google, and therefore more visible to the people who matter to you.


Nearly everyone has a mobile device, and they are using their tablets and mobile phones to surf the web. A website that looks good on a computer may not look so great on a mobile phone. Your website and more importantly the content on your website should be mobile-ready with the ability to be responsive.


All websites should sell, that’s a given. But websites that can actually make cold hard cash for you while you’re sleeping are a different breed, one that get us very excited. We specialize in developing high performing eCommerce sites for a wide range of different industries.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods for communicating with your target audience. Marcy Design can help your business or organization set up accounts, maintain email listings, design your promotion and monitor the results. You’ll save money over using direct mail as well!

Digital Publishing

The media is filled with articles about the death of print publishing and the rise and rise of tablets and digital publications. We’re not going to jump on the bandwagon and say print is dead, but offering a digital version of your publications is an undeniably smart move, and we can help.

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