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Case Studies


  • Creating a Facebook App that allows consumers to search for over 1.5 million vehicles from 20,000 auto dealers.

    Auto Industry
  • Developing a marketing program that helped a national organization grow from 200 to over 3,000 stores with 2 billion dollars in sales.

    Health Care Industry
  • Producing an interactive educational program on insurance that was taught in every high school classroom in Ohio.

    Insurance Industry
  • Developing a new brand identity, website and marketing for a client which contributed to doubling their sales in one year.

    Manufacturing Industry
  • Producing an interactive project that garnered national attention in major publications for receiving a 42% response from the target audience.

  • Creating an advertising and marketing campaign that resulted in a Federal grant and a national award for a city in Ohio.


Your 3-Step Online Customer Acquisition Plan – Free eBook

ebook-template-02cYou’re fully aware that your business needs a website that’s beautiful, functional, and supported by a well-thought-out Internet marketing plan. But why? What is its real purpose? The answer to that question is almost always “to generate sales or leads.” As obvious as that might seem, however, it’s a detail many business owners and marketers tend to overlook. They get so wrapped up in the latest trends around SEO, social media, or video marketing that they forget their websites exist mainly to help them bring in new customers.

If you’re tired of having a website that simply shares basic information about your business and want to dig deeper into the customer acquisition process, download the new eBook from Marcy Design today and see how to reshape your web presence into a conversion machine. Please complete the form below and download the FREE ‘Your 3-Step Online Customer Acquisition’ eBook.

Your 3-Step Online Customer Acquisition Plan - eBook

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