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[ut_quote_alt author=”Auto Industry”] Creating a Facebook App that allows consumers to search for over 1.5 million vehicles from 20,000 auto dealers.

[/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=”Health Care Industry”] Developing a marketing program that helped a national organization grow from 200 to over 3,000 stores with 2 billion dollars in sales.

[/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=”Insurance Industry”] Producing an interactive educational program on insurance that was taught in every high school classroom in Ohio.

[/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=”Manufacturing Industry”] Developing a new brand identity, website and marketing for a client which contributed to doubling their sales in one year.

[/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=”Business-to-Business”] Producing an interactive project that garnered national attention in major publications for receiving a 42% response from the target audience.

[/ut_quote_alt] [ut_quote_alt author=”Municipality”] Creating an advertising and marketing campaign that resulted in a Federal grant and a national award for a city in Ohio. [/ut_quote_alt] [/ut_quote_rotator_alt]


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