Apr 2008
I Am Iron Man

As far as super-hero movies go, Marvel Entertainment is the top dog. Marvel has created the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Daredevil and of course the Amazing Spider-Man. Iron Man is the latest action movie produced by Marvel that opens this week. And in the future Marvel has thousands of characters in their arsenal that could be brought to the big screen.

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The real hero here is 3D special effects. With studios such as George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic, there is no limit to what can be achieved on screen. Effects such as characters flying are now so realistic, that it’s hard to believe it was actually created on a computer.

Other heroes are storytelling and marketing. Stan Lee, the original publisher of Marvel Comics in the 60s and 70s, sold millions of comics because of his ability to tell great stories about real people. Well, if you consider people being bitten by a radioactive spider and attaining super powers real that is. And he also knew his target market. If only I had kept my original Iron Man comic books #1 through 10.

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