Jan 2009
Flash Animation Adds Motion and Interest

Let’s try to get real about animation here. If you have been doing SEO for so long, or have good knowledge about it, then you should know that animation is actually being discouraged. Here’s why: their file sizes can be very huge, which eventually slow down the download speed of your website. The attention span of Internet users, on the other hand, is very short, lasting only for few seconds. Thus, it means that before you can even show what your website is all about, you’ve already lost a potential customer. However, you cannot also deny the fact that too much content will make a dull website. You need to spice things up a bit to make it look good and appealing to your visitors. So where does that lead you?

You need to learn how to compromise, to establish balance between form and function. One way to do that is to use Flash animation.

What is Flash animation?

Flash animation is any film or cartoon created with the use of Macromedia Flash. It’s one the most favorite tools among website designers today since they never fail to attract considerable attention from Internet users—they add motion and interest to what could have been a very boring website.

Flash can be used to enhance the message of your website rather than having your pages appear to be text heavy or that your images remain static. If you haven’t got the idea, you simply need to look at the website of mobile phone companies. They can describe the many features of the phone, but what drives Internet users to buy them is the fact that they have taken a good look at them, perhaps by providing them with a 360-degree image of their chosen phone. Besides, in case you don’t know, information is understood a lot better when seen.

Do you have a Power point presentation? With the use of this new technology, you can actually convert it to Flash presentation, which will only improve the experience of your Internet visitor. Besides the texts that you can see in slides, you can also add videos and audio, which are both compatible with Flash.

Where can you use Flash?

There are a lot of elements in your website that you can convert to Flash animation. These include your headers and your logos. You can also animate your images to further add special effects. Nevertheless, one of the biggest contributions of Flash animation is its use in demos. You can help your Internet users save time by allowing them to really see or hear how something works rather than reading a step-by-step guide.

But how about SEO?

There are almost 100% of website designers that use Flash, so perhaps it tells you that it’s not harmful as other forms of media files. In fact, they can help increase the loading time of your website. You can just use GIF images as examples. And because there already plenty of web browsers that are compatible with Flash, you are sure that your website can be viewed clearly by your customers.

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